Full Perinatal Patient Care Simulator "Hana"


Be a part of Hana's journey as a new mother
Let us help you take your first step in perinatal care!


Training manikin which covers from gestational to post-natal periods.
Interchangeable abdomen to simulate perinatal examination, ultrasound examination at 23-weeks-fetus, cervical examination, labor, perineal tear and puerperal.

photo One-touch interchangeable parts

photo Compatible with birthing chairs

photo Durable yet realistically elastic

photo Accurate anatomy




1. Ultrasound examination

| Screening of 23 weeks fetus
| Fetal size assessment using BPD, AC, FL, and so on
| Measurement of amniotic fluid volume
| Determination of fetus presentation


2. Perinatal examination

| Palpation(e.g. using Leopold's maneuvers, cephalopelvic disproportion assessment)
| Repositionable fetus
| Auscultation of fetal sounds, with adjustable heart rates from 60 to 180
| Measurable abdomen girth, fundal height and external pelvimetry


3. Cervical examination

| 5 types of cervical dilation models
| Determination of bishop score (cervix score)
| Check fetal head position


4. During labor

| Various positions: Supine, lateral, all-fours
| Perineal protection
| Cephalic and breech presentations
| Obstetric forceps delivery and vacuum extraction delivery
| Tying and cutting of the umbilical cord
| Delivery of the placenta
| Inspection of the amniotic sac
| Insertion of urinary catheter


5. Perineal tear

| Perineorrhaphy:
-single interrupted suture
-vertical mattress suture
| Repetitive suture practice for first degree perineal tear


6. Puerperal assessment

| Assessment uterine involution in early puerperium: 4 types of variations
| Measurement and palpation of uterine fundus
| Perineal cleaning and assessment
| Postpartum massage
| Assessment of anal prolapse


Intubation assistance / Chest compression / Airway management / Oxygen mask / Stomach pumping / Oral care / Oxygen management / Airway suction / Tube feeding / Normal breast and nipple assessment / Central line care / Urinary catheterization / Subcutaneous injection / Intravenous injection and infusion / Enema and suppositories / Epidural placement / Cannula care (Left dorsal vein) / Check procedures in case of amniorrhexis, bleeding and lochia

[Optional Add-ons]
IM injections (upper arm)
SC injections (upper arm)