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M43E 11348-500

Ultrasound Compatible
Lumbar Punture/Epidural Simulator

Main visual: Lumbar Puncture Simulator Ⅱ

Ultrasound compatible puncture block is anatomically correct and offers realistic image of ultrasound. Includes lumbar vertebrae spinous process, superior articular process, epidural space and spinal dura mater. Both epidural space and subarachnoid space are accessible for training.


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  • Ultrasonic landmarks of lumbar spine can be visualized.
  • Skin cover allows marking with a pen.
  • Both upright and lateral positions are possible for training.
  • Trahslucent blocks allows users to see the needle pathway under direct vision.
  • The lumbar region model provides a platform for wide training opportunities, by adding interchangeable training blocks for landmark and fluoroscopic procedures.

lumbar puncture simulator kyotokagaku

Training Skills

  • Ultrasound-guided lumbar puncture
  • Ultrasound-guided epidural anesthesia

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Set includes and Specifications

【Set Includes】

  • 1 lumbar region model
  • 2 ultrasound lumbar puncture/epidural block
  • 1 lumbar region skin cover
  • 2 lumbar region support bases(upright position/ lateral position)
  • 1 irrigator bag/ tube/ support base and syringe
  • 1 storage case
  • instruction manual


  • W33 x D21 x H30cm
  • W13 x D8.3 x H11.8inch

【Replacement parts】

  • 11348-190 ultrasound lumbar puncture/ epidural block
  • 11348-230 ultrasound lumbar region skin cover

*Specifications are subject to change.

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