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PH-40 / PH-41 / PH-42

Tough Phantom Series

A stable, high quality and shatter-free phantom for radiotherapy


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PH-40 Tough Water Phantom WD

    Human tissue substitute phantoms with water eqivalent physical properties

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PH-41 Tough Bone Phantom BE-T, BE-H, BE-NWD

    Human bone substitute phantoms to simulate body structure (in combination with PH-40 and PH-42)

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PH-42 Tough Lung Phantom LP

    Human lung substitute to simulate body structure (in combination with PH-40 and PH-41)

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Dosimetry cavities

  • Tough series phantoms can be ordered with cavities and plugs
  • Specify the type of processing (Sandwich type for pencil type, Cyclinder hole type for pencil type, Shallow type for plain parallel type), and specify your chamber's manufacturer and model number
  • Let us have dimensional drawings of the chambers you are using to estimate cost
  • Tough Phantom

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