Strap-on Intramuscular Injection Trainer

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The Strap-on Intramuscular Injection Trainer is designed for the practice between students and simulated patients. This trainer facilitates their understanding of the intramuscular injection process and the puncture feeling.

  • Vaccination Training
Features 1. Durable sensor is embedded to evaluate the procedure.
2. Both lamp and buzz show success or failure in the procedure.
3. The water tank is located inside this trainer.
4. This trainer is easier to drain without the waste water bag.
5. The skin and acromion is similar to the feeling of a real human and it allows palpating the anatomical landmark.
Training skills / Applications Intramuscular Injection training
Set includes 1 Base Flam/ 1 Skin / 1 Soft Tissue Part / 1 Muscular Part / 1 Acromion Part / 1 Waste Water Tank / 1 Belt / 1 Indication Box / 1 Power Adapter
Size (approx.) W10.5×D26×H5.5cm
Weight (approx.) 0.45kg
Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
Power requirements (approx.) 2W
Replacement parts 11297-210 Replacement muscular part with sensor
11297-220 Replacement skin
11297-230 Replacement soft tissue part
Update December 1, 2020