Dental Radiography Head Phantom Two-way set

41301-300 Two way set / Storage case included Quote
41301-400 Mouth open / Storage case included Quote
41301-500 Mouth closed / Storage case included Quote

It's open and closed mouth options allow a variety of applications for training and research

  • Dental X-RAY
  • dental imaging
Features 1. Each hard tissue (enamel, dentin, cortical bone and cancellous bone) has particular HU number and X-ray absorption rate, each tooth has three-layer structure of enamel, dentin and pulp cavity.
2. Jaws and tongue are detachable to allow access to the oral cavity, pharyngeal cavity and maxillary sinus. Sensors, simulated lesions, or residue can be set in these cavities.
3. Carotid arteries are prepared as lumens to accommodate simulated calcifications.
Training skills / Applications Tooth jaw X-ray training and quality assurance technique: Panoramic X-ray, Intraoral X-ray, Dental CT, Cephalogram
Case / Pathology Change of x-ray transmission due to maxillary sinusitis, calcification of carotid artery, residue of food and drink to oral and nasal cavity due to dysphasia. (simulated food and drink not included)
Set includes Main head unit / Upper jaw / Lower jaw* / Tongue / Tripod / 1 set of sample X-ray data / Storage case / Instruction manual / Fixation base (including screws) / *Two-way set includes two types of lower jaws
Size (approx.) W20xD21xH29cm / W7.9xD8.3xH11.4in
Packing size (approx.) W66 x D54 x H34cm / W26.0 x D21.3 x H13.4in
Weight (approx.) 4.8kg /10.6lb
Replacement parts 41301-400-01 lower jaw (mouth opened) for PH-76
41301-500-01 lower jaw (mouth closed) for PH-76
Optional parts 41301-200-01 Implant
Production & Development Supervision Akitoshi Katsumata, D.D. S, Ph. D Professor Asahi University, School of Dentistry
Update July 20, 2020