Patient Care Simulator “Yaye”


Patient simulator for uninterrupted care in community and hospital setting





Assessment of chest and abdomen

Soft and elastic abdomen allows deep palpation

| Thoracoabdominal inspection, palpation and percussion
| Anatomical landmarks and soft tissue offer realistic training


Patient varieties

Variable age, sex and personality

| Variations in face masks, wigs and external genitals offer wide possibilities of simulation settings and realistic training
| Easy Transformation

* The elderly face mask and the elderly wig with gray hair are optional parts


Intubation assistance

Airway management and CPR

Critical care such as perioperative situations and in ICU settings can be simulated
| Preparation of equipment
| Oral intubation (laryngoscope and video laryngoscope)
| Confirmation of successful ventilation by:
- Observation of thoracic movement (lung expansion)
- Auscultation of the chest
| Securing the tube in place with tape
| Chest compression


More than 40 patient care training skills

"Yaye" serves an array of trainees from students to experienced nurses with its various training skills. Find out the details below


01. Nasogastric tube feeding / 02. Tracheotomy care and management / 03. Assessment of chest and abdomen / 04. Airway management, Intubation assistance / 05. Enema and suppository insertion / 06. Digital disimpaction / 07. Stoma care / 08. Urinary catheterization / 09. Intramuscular and SC injection (shoulders) / 10. Intramuscular and SC injection (hips) / 11. TPN care / 12. Intravenous injection and infusion, IV route care (left median vein) / 13. Oral and denture care / 14. Bed bathing / 15. Partial bed bathing / 16. Hair care / 17. Change of clothes / 18. Oxygen mask

[others] Positioning / Patient transfer / Heat and cold compression / Perineal care / Grooming and appearance / Airway suction / Postural drainage / Pressure sore care / Dressing management / Central line care / Enema and suppositories / Per vaginal medication / Intubation assistance / Chest compression / Gastric aspiration / Postmortem care