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MW7B 11385-100

Blood Pressure Measurement Trainer Ⅱ

Main visual: Blood Pressure Measurement Trainer

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  • The preset examples based on WHO classfication with random play functions help repeated trials in self-learning and group study.
  • The cuff pressure deflation rate can be monitored.
  • The simulator is also may be used for trainees' objective skills assessment.
  • Auscultatory gap and "no Korotokoff's V" condition are also prepared for training, as well as various blood pressure samples.s

Photo: blood pressure training simulator kyotokagaku

Visible Numerical Values

  • Cuff pressure deflation rate and bloos pressure value are shown degitally, allowing objective assessment of skills.
  • The simulator can be connected to external speakers(not included)to play the Korotokoff suounds in the classroom.

Present examples

  • Desirable, Normal, Prehypertention, Hypertention(Stage1-3), Isolated systoric hypertention, Auscultatory gap, No Korotokoff's V.

Training Skills

  • Palpation
  • Cuff placement
  • Manual pressurization
  • Auscultation of Korotkoff's sounds
  • Palpation of radial pulses
  • BP reading
  • Cuff deflation

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Set includes:

  • 1 arm model
  • 1 controller with AC adapter
  • 1 aneroid sphygmomanometer unit
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 carrying bag

*Specifications are subject to change.

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