Arterial Puncture Training Wrist


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An essential simulator to increase confidence and competence / Arterial blood sampling and cannulation is a common yet delicate procedure. With the innovative design of the arterial puncture simulator, a true-to-life experience can be simulated to ensure correct techniques and boost proficiency.

Features 1. Palpable arterial pulse
2. Realistic resistance of tissue and artery wall felt with the injection needle
3. Natural flashback
Training skills / Applications Radial arterial puncture / Artery blood sampling / Radial line placement
Set includes 1 wrist and hand model / 1 circulation pump / 2 sets of puncture skins (inner and outer skin) / 4 artery tubes / 1 silicon tape / 1 jar of coloring powder (red) / 1 spoon / 2 plastic jars / 2 connection tubes / 1 vinyl sheet / 1 syringe / 1 storage case / 1 instruction manual
Size (approx.) W20 x D9 x H16cm, W7.9 x D3.5 x 6.3in (manikin size)
W20 x D16 x H13cm, W7.9 x D6.3 x H5.1in (pump size)
Packing size (approx.) W51x D45x H32㎝/W20x D18x H12.5in
Weight (approx.) 1.5㎏ / 3.3lb
Packing weight (approx.) 8kg/19lb
Power source AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power requirements (approx.) 8W
Replacement parts 11351-010 1 replacement skin set / 11351-030 4 replacement silicon tape / 11351-040 4 replacement artery tube / 11266-080 1 jar of coloring powder
Production & Development Supervision Dr. Hiroshi Koyama, Medical Director, General Internal Medicine National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center
Recommended Devices AGB kit 22-25G
CE certified/CE Certification? Yes
Update October 10, 2020