EAR Examination Simulator II


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Practice patient-focused care during an otoscopy

  • OSCE
Features 1. Alarm against painful insertion
2. 9 preset cases
3. Quick switch between cases
Training skills / Applications Ear examination with a direct otoscope / Ear wax and foreign body removal
Case / Pathology noremal / serious otitis media(SOM) / mucoid otitis media (AOM) / cholesteatoma / tympanosclerosis / traumatic perforations
Set includes 1 manikin head and shoulder / 1set of foreign body removal kit simulated ear wax, small toys, small sponge fragments and a/ 1 spoon instruction manual / 1 types of ear units-1 pair each -exam ear(normal)
-exam ear(stenosis)
-FB ear(normal)
-FB ear(stenosis)"
Size (approx.) W42x D21x H39cm / W16.5×D8.3×H15.3in
Packing size (approx.) W49x D29x H53㎝/W19x D11x H14in
Weight (approx.) 1.75kg
Packing weight (approx.) 4kg/8lb
Materials Soft resin / Latex free
Replacement parts "11391-010 / ear units and foreign body set /
-4 types of ear units / -1 pair each ear exam(normal),ear exam(stenosis),FB ear(normal),FB(stenosis)/-1 set of foreign body removal kit / simulatoed ear wax,samll toys, small sponge fragments and a spoon"
CE certified/CE Certification? Yes
Update October 15, 2020