EYE Examination Simulator


11220-000 3 steps Quote

Practical fundus examination simulator with 10 clinical images and variations

Features 1. 10 fundus slide cases of common eye diseases
2. Real clinical images
3. Lens-equipped eyeball units that simulate the visual axis of the human eye
Training skills / Applications Funds examination with direct ophthalmoscope
Case / Pathology Normal fundus / Hypertensive retinopathy:-Grade 3 arteriolar vasoconstriction -Grade 1 arteriolosclerosis / -hemorrhages and cotton wool spots / -simple vein concealment / Diabetic retinopathy:microaneurysm,hemorrhages and hard exudates / Papilloedema(chronic phase)/ Papilloedema(acute phase)/ Glaucomatous optic atrophy:glaucomatous optic disc cuppping and nerve fiber defect / Rerinal vein occlusion(acute phase):flame-shaped hemorrhage and cotton wool spots / Rerinal vein occlusion(post rerinal laser photocoagulation)/ Toxoplasmosis:retinochoroiditis / Age-related macular degeneration:macular exudates and subretinal hemorrhage / ※M82A includes two normal fundus slides.
Set includes 1 manikin head and shoulder/-3 steps(2,3.5,5 mm dia.)*M82 / -2 steps(3.5,8mm dia.)*M82A / 1 -1 slider holder with 3 steps depth setting / 1 blower / 1 set of case slides / 1 slide duster / 1 storage case / 1 instruction manual
Size (approx.) W42x D22×H38㎝ / W16.5×D8.7×H15in
Packing size (approx.) W49x D29x H53㎝/W19x D11x H14in
Weight (approx.) 2㎏/4.4lbs
Packing weight (approx.) 4kg/8lb
Materials soft resin / hard resin / Latex is included in the blower
Replacement parts 11220-010 1 replacement fundus case slides(set of 10 cases)
Production & Development Supervision Japan Society for Medical Education Working Group with the cooperation of:Kansai Medical University Department of Ophthalmology
Update October 1, 2020