Lung Sound Auscultation Trainer "LSAT" ver.2


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Used by 96% of medical faculties in Japan, LSAT is now renewed and improved! In just a few taps away, improve lung assessment skills by combining theory and practice with real lung sound recordings and case information.

  • OSCE
  • Physical Assessment
Features Based on acoustic analysis of recorded lungs sounds, each are classified according the American Thoracic Society standards. With this approach, lung sounds are categorized as continuous (wheezes, rhonchi, or stridor) or discontinuous (crackles).
Wireless multi-unit operation / Simulaneous anterior and posterior auscultation / LED light panel to indicate inspiration and expiration
Training skills / Applications Lung sound auscultation from anterior and posterior
Case / Pathology Background heart sounds are available in 5 volume levels.

standard / mildly strong sounds / mildly rapid / loud heart sounds

Coarse crackles
right lower area / both lower area / right upper and middle area / left lower area / both upper area / whole area

upper area 600-700Hz / upper area 350-450Hz / upper area 200-1000Hz

Miscellaneous continuous sounds
stridors / squawks

weak: left lower area / weak: left whole area (adhesion) / weak: left whole area(pneumothorax) / absent: right middle and lower areas / weak: right whole area / absent: right whole area / weak: whole area / bronchial breathing

Fine crackles
both lower area / both middle lower area / whole area (IPF) / whole area (NSIP)

trachea and upper area 150-250Hz / trachea and upper area 150-450Hz(polyphonic) / trachea and upper area 80-120Hz / whole area 80-200Hz

pleural friction rubs: right lower and middle area / pleural friction rubs: left lower area / Hamman's sign / Vocal fremitus
Set includes 1 LSAT2 main unit / 1 control PC / 1 LSAT T-shirt / 1 instruction manual
Size (approx.) W39x D45x H130cm / W15.3×D17.7×H51.2in
Packing size (approx.) W110x D80 x H93cm / W43.3 x D31.5 x H36.6in
Weight (approx.) 55kg / 121lbs
Packing weight (approx.) 164kg / 361.6lbs
Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
Power requirements (approx.) 180W
Materials Soft resin / Latex free
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Production & Development Supervision Chiharu Yoshii,MD.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor / Masamitsu Kido, M.D.,Ph.D.,Professor / Division of Respiratory Disease, University of Occupational and Environmental Health,Japan
CE certified/CE Certification? Yes
Update October 28, 2020