Male Catheterization/Enema Simulator


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High quality simulators for urethral catheterization, perineal care and enema practice

Features 1. Soft and flexible genitalia allow proper cleaning and procedural preparation
2. Successful insertion confirmation by fluid outflow
3. Enema insertion in lateral positio
4. Detachable external genitalia
Training skills / Applications Intermittent catheterization / Indwelling catheterization / Perineal care / Enema / Localization of urethral meatus / Cleansing and aseptic technique / Catheter insertion and placement / Catheter Removal /Manual bladder compression
Set includes 2 lower torso manikin / 1 genital organ unit / 3 valves(one is incorporated in the assembled unit) / 1 irrigation bottle / 1 rectum tube / 3 irrigation drainage tubes / 1 lubricant /1 storage case / 1 instruction manual
Size (approx.) W34x D33 x H24 cm / W13.5 x D13x H9.5 in
Packing size (approx.) W52x D45 x H31cm / W20.5 x D17.7 x H12.3in
Weight (approx.) 3.5kg / 7.7Ibs
Packing weight (approx.) 14.5kg / 32Ibs
Materials Soft resin / Latex free
Replacement parts 11381-100-01 clip (small)
11381-100-02 clip (large)
11381-100-03 urinary bladder reservioir
11381-100-04 recum unit
11381-300 6 replacement valves
11381-800 lubricant
11381-410 replacement male skin
11381-510 replacement male meatus for MW2A(a pair)
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Update October 20, 2020