"AbdoAbby" Abdominal Examination Simulator


11423-999A/999A-D standard set light skin tone/dark skin tone Quote
11423-999/ 999-D without sim stethoscope light skin tone/ dark skin tone Quote

True-to-life representation of tactile features of abdominal organs, which are convincing enough to serve as a benchmark in cultivating the sense of touch

  • OSCE
Features 1. Supple, resilient and delicate textures which allow both shallow and deep palpation
2. Interchangeable organs
3. Respiratory motion
Training skills / Applications Visual Inspection / Auscultation/ -renal artery / -abdominal aorta / -iliac artery / -bowel sounds / Palpation -liver, spleen, kidney, uterus and lymphoma/ Percussion -liver, spleen and rib
Set includes 1 male torso unit / 1 talcum powder / 1 set of the respiratory motion control unit / 2kidneys (hydronephrosis, cysts) / 2 spleens(slightly enlarged, enlarged)/ 2 spleens(slightly enlarged,enlarged)/ 4 livers(precirrhosis, cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, normal)/2 inguinal lymph nodes(normal,lymphoma)/2 uterus (normal,fibroid)/1 simulated stethoscope / 1 controller/1 AC adapter/4 storage cases/1 instruction manual
Size (approx.) W40x D80×H20cm / W15.7×D31.5×H7.9in
Weight (approx.) 14kg / 30.9lbs
Materials Soft resin / Latex free
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Production & Development Supervision Takahiro Amano, M.D.,
Senior Advisor for Academic Affairs and Professor
International University of Health and Welfare,
Honorary Director Sannno Medical Center, Japan
Kyoko Arai
RN, PHN, PhD, Professor,
School of Nursing, University of Shizuoka, Japan
Tamerlan Babayev
MBBS, BSc, Assistant Professor
International University of Health and Welfare, Japan
Update October 15, 2020