Tube Feeding Simulator (NG, OG, and PEG)


11386-000 Light skin tone Quote
11386-000-D Dark skin tone Quote

Gastric tube management simulator to learn theories and skills

Features 1. Feeding tube insertion and confirmation of the tube placement(NG/OG)
2. Transparent structure which allows direct observation of progress / and tube placement Cross-section panel and chest anatomy map for theoretical
Training skills / Applications Nasogastric/oral gastric insertion,management and tube placement congirmation / PEG tube management / Physiological understanding / Gastric aspiration
Set includes 1 male torso
1 support base
1 drain tube
1 funnel
1 plastic cup
1 tube feeding routes panel
1 chest sheet
1 instruction manual / 1 lubricant
Size (approx.) W65x D37 x H23cm / W25.6×D14.6 ×H9in
Packing size (approx.) W74x D46 x H47cm / W29.1 x D18.1 x H18.5in
Weight (approx.) 4.4kg / 9.7Ibs
Packing weight (approx.) 32kg / 70.5Ibs
Materials Soft resin / Latex free
Replacement parts 11384-030 1 face mask light tone
113840939-D face mask dark tone
11386-000-01 drain hose
11386-000-02 tube feeding chest sheet
11392-070 band of face skin
11229-050 1 lubricant
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Recommended Devices Nasal feeding catheter:14 Fr. (120㎝)
Update October 15, 2020