Myocardial Phantom HL

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For the study of high radio accumulation interference in the liver with the myocardial SPECT images

  • MRI
  • Myocardial Defect Detection
  • Cardiac Insert
Features Allows the study of RI liver intake and its effect on the myocardial SPECT
Cold defect can be set in the left cardiac muscle
Background can be set individually in lung field, mediastinum and right ventricle
Set includes 1 main Phantom Body / 1 right Lung / 1 left Lung / 1 mediastinum / 1 liver /stomach / 1 heart / 1 work base / 1 screwdriver / 1 petroleum jelly / storage case
Size (approx.) W32 x D22 x H31cm / W12.5 x D8.6 x H12.2in
Packing size (approx.) W44 x D39 x H42cm / W17.3 x D15.3 x H16.5in
Materials Main Container: Acrylic Resin / Spine: Epoxy Resin (similar to human in HU) / Heart: Acrylic Resin, Acrylic resin / Lung: Foamed Resin, Water / Screw: Polyacetal Resin
Update July 7, 2020