Multi Energy CT Quality Assurance Phantom (TR-J)

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Water Equivalent Material, various inserts and empty bottles enable to
verify the appropriate Multi-Energy CT settings

Features 1.Phantom using innovative Water Equivalent Material / 2.Empty bottles enable to put various items and check how they / 3.react to Multi Energy/ 4.Save time and efforts to produce custom-made water phantoms / 5.Two different sizes of body. (TR-I, TR-J)
Training skills / Applications ME-CT image analysis protocol / Metal artifact reduction / Reduction of contrast media
Set includes 1 truck phantom / 1 internal cylindrical phantom / 9 filling rods for dosimeter holes / 8 WEM inserts / 3 iodine inserts (4, 8, 12mgl/mL) / 1 titanium insert / 1 soft tissue insert / 1 water container insert/ 20 empty sample bottle / 8 spacers for sample bottle / manual
Size (approx.) [TR-J] W30×D18×H20cm
Packing size (approx.) W44 x D36 x H42cm / W17.3 x D14.2 x H16.5in
Weight (approx.) TR-J:15.5kg
Packing weight (approx.) W30.0 x D20.0 x H18.0cm/W11.8 x D7.9 x H7.1 in
Materials Polyurethane
Optional parts Angle adjustment holder
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Production & Development Supervision Katsuhiro Ichikawa, Ph.D., / Institute of Medical, / Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, / Kanazawa University
Update July 18, 2020