PET/SPECT Thorax Phantom

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PET/ SPECT Thorax Phantom is an optimal tool for study in nuclear medicine

Features Examination of myocardial density through SPECT imaging
>Verification of myocardial imaging with the use of various RI solution densities
>Ability to capture defects of the myocardial region
>Can reproduce image variations of the heart by injecting RI solutions in the liver, kidney and lungs

Examination of RI solution density for simulated tumors
>The simulated tumors can be inserted into lung, liver andbreast
>Tumors can be filled with FDG/RI solution into the spheresfor evaluation of density, size and placement
Training skills / Applications PET/SPECT
Quality management of NM equipment
Myocardial density with SPECT imaging
RI solution density for tumor imaging
Case / Pathology >Anatomy
Lung (right/left)
Kidney (right/left)
Hot spots (liver, lungs and breast)
* Hot spot for PET can be set in liver, lungs and breast.
- Anatomical type:
right ventricle, left ventricle
and myocardium
- Geometric type:
left ventricle and myocardium
Set includes 1 thorax body
2 lungs (left and right)
4 hearts
1 liver
2 kidneys
1 rib cage and spine
2 breasts
3 hot spots
1 base
several plastic pins
6 supporting bars
4 flat bar rings for base
5 tubes
1 syringe
several nuts and bolts
1 water tank
Size (approx.) W44 x H69.4 cm
W17.3 x H27.3 in
Weight (approx.) 約21kg(ファントム本体)    約37.5kg(液充填時 when filled with liquid)
Materials Soft tissue: transparent polyurethane
Lungs: materials with density 0.4 g/cm3
Bone materials: Calcium infused material to provide proper
attenuation with use of RI solutions
Bone: 370HU
Lung: -900HU
Organ shell material: 100HU, and 1.16g/cm3 in density
Update September 1, 2020