Breast Ultrasound Examination Phantom "BREAST FAN"

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Unique phantom for basic breast ultrasound examination

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Features 1. State-of-the-art breast ultrasound phantom with anatomy
2.Skills required for ultrasound breast screening can be greatly advanced with practice
3. Excellent ultrasound image quality.
Training skills / Applications Systematic full breast scanning / Visualization of key anatomical landmarks / Tracking of galactophore / Visualization and differentiation of typical pathologies /Localization and measurement of cysts and tumor
Set includes 1 breast phantom / 1 storage case / 1 tutorial manual (DVD) / 1 instruction manual
Size (approx.) W33×D45㎝×H11㎝/ W13.0×D17.7×H4.3 in
Packing size (approx.) W57 x D43 x H27cm / W22.4 x D16.9 x H10.6in
Weight (approx.) 7kg / 15.4lb
Packing weight (approx.) 13kg / 28.7lbs
Materials Polyurethane elastomer, Latex free
Production & Development Supervision Tokiko Endo, MD, PhD. Director of Department of Advanced Diagnosis, Clinical Research Center, National Hospital Organization Nagoya Medical Center. Director of Department of Radiology, National Hospital Organization Nagoya Medical Center
Notes * Ultrasound scanner is not included.
Update August 20, 2020