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Phantoms for Hands-on Ultrasound Training in Medicine

photo of Charlotte Henningsen scans neonatal head phantom at the 2018 SDMS Conference in
Orlando, FL.

Charlotte Henningsen scans neonatal head phantom at the 2018 SDMS Conference in Orlando, FL.

Effective skills training to maximize the uniqueness of ultrasound

Today, application of ultrasound in medicine is expanded in various clinical setting for its merits. Ultrasound imaging is a safer technology with lower cost than others to visualize inside of our body dynamically in real time.

Acquiring and assessment skills

The quality of outcome depends much on skills of operators. For beginners, ultrasound imaging gives a series of challenges: interpretation of 2D ultrasound images into 3D anatomy, hand-eye coordination, and completing scanning in a limited time frame. Kyoto’s phantoms improve performance.

Practice with clinical equipment

With Kyoto Kagaku phantoms, trainees have more opportunities of repetitive hands-on training with ultrasound devices. The phantoms provide benchmark images.

biopsy training by using kyotokagaku phantom

Durable, reliable, and expanding phantom applications

When incorporating a new training tool, its long-time value may be one of the aspect to consider. With their stability and long-life, Kyoto Kagaku’s examination and QA phantoms have been serving facilities around the world over years. Kyoto Kagaku’s, phantoms keep moving toward future. New range of phantoms being added for ultrasound education.

Effective training examples with various combinations of phantoms

LinUS: Interdisciplinary Ultrasound Symposium

28-30 April 2017, Leipzig, Germany
Incorporate ultrasound phantoms to teach a variety of subjects in different stages of professional training

The symposium featured a variety of peer-assisted training courses for undergraduate trainees. Each course combines basic ultrasonography techniques with clinical skills training and preclinical anatomical knowledge repetition.

Neonatal Ultrasound Course

by AIM Group International, Italy

Annual intensive course of neonatal ultrasound for international trainees is held in Italy. From the range of pediatric phantoms the new neonatal head and the pediatric torso are used in the 2018 course.

Abdominal Ultrasound Examination

by Osaka City University, Skills Simulation Center

Skills simulation center, Osaka City University, runs basic abdominal ultrasound courses regularly. They use two phantoms in combination to design the courses that include the scenario based session with “FAST/ER FAN”.

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