Lumbar Puncture Simulator IIA


11348-600 Full set, light tone Quote
11348-600-D Full set, dark tone Quote
11348-160 Supporting stand (Two way) Quote

World's best training simulator for lumbar puncture and epidural anesthesia / New stable supporting stand for one person and team training scenarios/ Five types of puncture blocks enhance training with different types of challenges

  • Spinal tap
  • CSF
  • epidural analgesia
Features 1. Realistic skin and tissue resistance during insertion Measure CSF fluid pressure, collect CSF fluid and practice epidural anesthesia procedures
2. Simulates administration of epidural nerve block with realistic needle-tip sensation
3. Simulates loss of resistance technique
Training skills / Applications Palpation of landmarks / Lumbar puncture / CSF collection / CSF pressure measurement / Epidural anesthesia / Anatomical understanding
Set includes 1 lumbar region model / 6 lumbar puncture blocks : 2 normal CSF, 1 obesity CSF,1 senior CSF,1 senior obesity CSF, 1 epidural / 1 lumbar region skin cover / 1 supporting stand/ 1 support base for team teaching / 1 lumbar spine model / 1 irrigation bag / 1 syringe / 1 stand for irrigation bag / 1 instruction manual / 1 storage case
Size (approx.) W33 x D21 x H30 cm / W13 x D8.3 x H11.8 in
Materials Soft resin, hard resin / Latex free
Replacement parts 11348-090 1 LP block (normal CSF)/ 11348-110 1 LP block (obesity CSF)/ 11348-120 1 LP block (senior CSF)/
11348-130 1 LP block (senior obesity CSF)/ 11348-140 1 epidural block/ 11348-150 1 lumbar region skin cover light tone/11348-150-D 1 lumbar region skin cover dark tone /11348-160 supporting stand (two ways)
Optional parts 11348-190 ultrasound lumbar puncture-epidural block / 11348-230 ultrasound lumbar region skin cover for M43E 
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Production & Development Supervision Takahiro Amano, M.D., Vice President, Senior Vice-Dean, Postgraduate School, Professor and Director, Center of Postgraduate Med-ical Education, International University of Health and Welfare Honorary Director, Sanno Medical Center
Recommended Devices Epidural needle: 18G / Spinal needle: 21G
Notes Needles are not included.
Update October 1, 2020