Laparoscopic Suture Training System Laparo Cube

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"Realistic Experience" and "Objective Assessment", develops skills for first class surgeons

Features 1. Innovative assessment criteria and quantitative measurement provide objective feedback to trainers.
2. Traineesʼ personal skills assessment data can be saved for reviewing and analysis.
3. Use of actual clinical instruments with realistic suturing sheet.
Training skills / Applications Laparoscopic suturing (simple interrupted suture)
Set includes 1 laparoscopic suturing assessment unit / 1 power cable for assessment unit / 1 set of skin sheet holder / 1 cable / 1 keyboard / 1 PC / 1 power cable for PC / 30 pieces of suturing sheet (intestinaltract)
Size (approx.) W15 x D20 x H13 cm / W5 x D8 x H5 in (assessment unit)
Weight (approx.) 1.5kg / 3.3lb (Assessment unit)
Power source AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Power requirements (approx.) 180 VA
Replacement parts 11395-010 30 sets of suture sheet
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Update October 20, 2020