Pediatric Chest Phantom

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A phantom representing a five-year-old for practicing and performing imaging and dosimetry

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Features 1. Two types of interchangeable lung inserts are included–lung vascular insert and lung density insert.
2. Pencil-shaped ion chamber for CTDI can be set in the mediastinum, TLD or RPL dosimeters can be set in the thyroid block and the lung density insert.
3. Detachable internal structure allows insertion of variety of pathologies and targets.
Training skills / Applications CT / plain X-ray / dosimetry / radiographic interpretation
Set includes 1 five-year-old chest torso / 1 lung vasculature insert: mediastinum with pulmonary vessels / 1 lung density insert: mediastinum, lung fields (L・R) / 1 set of sample images / 1 storage case / manual
Size (approx.) W32 x D17 x H38cm / W12.6 x D6.7 x W15in
Packing size (approx.) W51 x D43 x H45cm / W20.1 x D16.9 x H17.7in
Weight (approx.) 6kg / 13.3lb
Packing weight (approx.) 14kg / 30lb
Materials Soft tissue: urethane based resin (density 1.06)
Synthetic bone: epoxy resin (density 1.31)
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Update July 15, 2020