Fetus Ultrasound Examination Phantom "SPACE FAN-ST"


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Staple phantom for hands-on practice in second trimester screening

Features 1.The oval shape phantom abdomen can be set info four different positions
2.The fetus includes full skeletal structures and key organs
3.Includes an educational DVD and a fetus demonstration model for comprehensive learning
Training skills / Applications Fetal size assessment: BPD, AD, AC and FL / Measurement of amniotic fluid volume / Determination of fetus presentation (cephalic or breech) / Assessment of each body part -Head: skull and brain -Spine and limbs -Cardiac chambers, blood vessels and lungs / Assessment of umbilical cord and placenta position / Determination of sex (This phantom represents a male fetus)
Set includes 1 mother body torso / 1 ultrasound pregnant uterus phantom / 1 fetus demonstration model / 1 storage case /1 talcum powder/ 1 tutorial manual (DVD)
Size (approx.) W40×D31×H22cm(Maternal abdominal body)W30×D21×H15cm(Fetus examination part)/W15.7 x D12.2 ×H8.7in(Maternal abdominal body)/ W11.8 x D8.3 ×H5.9in (Fetus examination part)
Packing size (approx.) W72 x D44 x H39cm / W28.3 x D17.3 x H15.4in
Weight (approx.) 7.3kg / 16.1lb
Packing weight (approx.) 17kg / 37.5lbs
Materials Soft resin, Polyurethane elastomer, Latex free
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Production & Development Supervision Kiyoko Kabeyama RN, RM, PhD. Professor Midwifery & Women's Health, School of Human Health. Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University / Haruto Egawa, PhD. National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center. Department of Obstetrics, Head Physician or Medical Director
ANATOMY UTERUS: amniotic fluid/ placenta / umbilical cord / FETUS: skeletal structure / brain with septum lucidum / lateral ventricles and cerebellum / heart with four chambers / lungs / spleen / bladder / stomach / liver / kidneys / aorta / umbilical vein / umbilical artery / external genitalia
Update June 30, 2020