Bone Fracture Pediatric Phantom "PBU-70B"

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Improve skills in detecting bone fractures in children and cultivate awareness of child maltreatment.

  • pediatric abuse
Features 1. Training in pediatric radiography can be enriched with clear and subtle bone fractures
2.Typical fractures resulting from child abuse are also included
Training skills / Applications Plain X-ray
Basic patient positioning
Case / Pathology Signs of callus / Supracondylar humerus fracture / Back, scapula and rib fractures/ Skull fractures
Set includes 1 pediatric whole body phantom / 1 head supporter / 1 hand fixture belt / 1 screw driver / 1 set of sample X-ray data(DVD) / manual
Height (approx.) 110 cm / 43.3 in
Packing size (approx.) W86 x D60 x H32cm / W33.9 x D23.6 x H12.6in
Weight (approx.) 20kg / 44lb
Packing weight (approx.) 25kg/ 55lb (41350-500), 44kg /97lb (41350-600)
Materials Soft tissue: urethane based resin (density: 1.06) / Synthetic bone: epoxy resin (density: 1.31) / Skull: epoxy resin (density:1.11) *Phantom has no metal parts or liquid structure
Replacement parts 41350-500-01 head for PH-2D / 41350-500-02 left hand for PH-2D / 41350-500-03 left upper arm for PH-2D / 41350-500-04 torso for PH-2D / 41350-500-05 lest thigh for PH-2D / 41350-500-06 left lower thigh-foot for PH-2D
Optional parts 41363-080 storage case
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Update July 28, 2020